Dieu et Mon Droit

Court of Henry VIII

    His Majesty Henry VIII,
King of England and France, Defender of the Faith and Lord of Ireland

John Bloom-Ramirez
    Her Majesty Catherine of Aragon,
Queen of England and France, Princess of Aragon and Castille, and Lady of Ireland

Angela Baker
    Her Highness Princess Mary Tudor,
Princess of Wales

Lacy Anderson
    Her Highness Princess Mary Tudor, Lady Brandon,

Princess of England, Dowager Queen of France, Duchess of Suffolk
Barbara Miller
    His Grace Henry Fitzroy,
Duke of Richmond, Earl of Sommerset

Geordyn Bloom
    His Grace Charles Brandon,
1st Duke of Suffolk

Rene Ramirez
    Cardinal Thomas Wolsey,
Archbishop of York, Lord Chancellor of England

Bill Weaver
    Margaret Plantagenet, Lady Pole,
Countess of Salisbury,

Pearl Eskins
    Maria de Salinas, Lady Willoughby,
Baroness Willoughby de Eresby,

April Moore
    Mistress Helen Archer,
Head of His Majesty's Household

Susan Weaver