Come and play with us!

Whether you are a seasoned faire actor looking for new adventures, or you are a novice to the whole experience of re-enactment, we will find a place for you!

If you have the training and the drive, then we are more than willing to give you the chance at an audition for any role suited for you. We will start you in a beginner's role - such as a maid of honor or lady in waiting to the Queen or noble lady (or a gentleman in waiting to the King or a noble man), a noble bodyguard to the monarch, or a lower gentry householder serving the Monarch.

The Guilde of Sainte Marie currently schedules 4-6 events per year not including the semi-monthly guild meetings, workshops and work parties. Currently, our events span from Central and Southern California.
Naturally, your level of commitment will dictate the level of character you will be able to play. We do welcome members of all availabilities - full or part-time. When other events conflict, we of course expect that Sainte Marie's will be your priority.