Court of Henri III

Featuring the Court of King Henri III of France, with his consort Queen Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont.

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Court of Elizabeth I

The Court of Elizabeth I, circa 1572

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Court of Henry VIII

The Court of Henry VIII, from the years 1520 to 1546

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Our Mission Statement

The Guilde of Sainte Marie is a not-for-profit historical reenactment society dedicated to the portrayal of noble class life in the 16th Century during the height of the Renaissance Period. Whether performing as a French or English noble court, we strive to maintain historical accuracy in our characterization, our set, our costumes, our language and our staging. Each re-creationist is important in our Guilde, from the household companion to the guard to the courtier to the monarch. As in the time period, each would not exist without the other, and each thrives of the other. We are a family on and off-stage.




...We are always looking for new shows and events, especially for our French court!  Please contact us if your interested.