About Us

The Guilde of Sainte Marie was officially formed in December of 2003 with a core membership of 10 members. We wanted a place to play, and chose first the French courts of the 16th century as our medium. Our first event was Fresno City College Renaissance Faire in 2004 as the Court of King Henri III and Queen Louise, and since then we have done nothing but grow and grow stronger. Our focus is the House of Valois, and our primary courts are that of François I (the Knight-King) and Henri III of France (the last of the Valois Kings).

We also portray the House of Tudor, both in the time of Elizabeth I and Henry VIII.

Our guilde boasts over 100+ combined years in Renaissance Faire and general acting/performing experience. We now have a strong membership of 15 dedicated and hard-working actors who strive for as close to perfection as is possible when dealing with historical reenactment. Not only do we want to portray our characters in all of their pomp, circumstance and glory, but also we want to show them as real life human beings in their element and lifestyle. We strive to portray the human-interest side of history, and while we want to teach, we want to have fun too! We are by all means not authorities in the period, but consider ourselves students and teachers as one.