Our Story

The Guilde of Sainte Marie was officially formed in December of 2003 with a core membership of 10 members. We wanted a place to play, and chose first the French courts of the 16th century as our medium. Our first event was Fresno City college in 2004 as the Court of Henri III and Louise [portrayed as dauphin and dauphine, with Catherine de Medici as Queen Mother], and since then we have done nothing but grow and grow stronger. We now also offer a complete cast for the Henri III (our primary court), as well as a full French Ambassadorial Entourage.

We have since branched out to include the Courts of England as well including the Royal Courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Our Purpose

Our historical purpose is to teach the rich cultural and personal history of the House of Valois, with a focus on the changes and additions Catherine de Medici brought as a Renaissance queen and mother of three Valois kings. We also focus on teaching the dynamic and intriguing history of the House of Tudor, primarily with Queen Elizabeth I as the example, but now also the reign of Henry VIII as well.

Our guilde boasts over 100+ combined years in Renaissance Faire and general acting/performing experience. We now have a strong core membership of 10 dedicated and hard-working actors who strive for as close to perfection as is possible when dealing with historical reenactment. Not only do we want to portray our characters in all of their pomp, circumstance and glory, but also we want to show them as real life human beings in their element and lifestyle. We strive to portray the human-interest side of history, and while we want to teach, we want to have fun too! We are by all means not authorities in the period, but consider ourselves students and teachers as one.


The Guilde of Sainte Marie Board of Directors

These are the people responsible for the day to day operation of the Guilde and it's events.  This board of directors is solely volunteer; these folks do it for the love of the Faire!


John Bloom-Ramirez

Founder & CEO

John is the founder and CEO of the Guilde of Sainte Marie.  He acts as the Theatrical Director of the group while pursuing a Master's degree in Divinity, with the hopes of becoming an ordained minister.


Barbara Miller

CFO and Guilde Mistress

Barbara is a founding member of the Guilde of Sainte Marie.  She currently works for a major department store chain as a Fine Jewelry Specialist, and is the proud mother of a feline fur-baby.


Angela Baker

Vice President - Assistant Guildmistress

Angela is also a founding member of the Guilde of Sainte Marie.  She works for a major grocery store chain, enjoys running 5K and 10K runs, and is the proud mother of a very precocious son!


Pearl Eskins

Membership Director

Pearl joined Sainte Marie three years ago, and has become a vital part of our operations team.  She is not only in charge of Membership, but she also runs our household team during a given faire day.  Pearl is the grandmother of three lovely children, and her grandson Justin is a page in our household.


Rene Ramirez


Rene has been a member of Sainte Marie's since 2013, and has consistently shown his loyalty to the group.  While not a voting member of the board, he is in charge of the guilde's trailer, which stores the set, props and accoutrement that makes our guilde beautiful! He is also responsible for directing set-up and tear-down at a given event.


...Should you be interested in Sainte Marie for you event, please let us know!