Biographical Information
Date of Birth:
September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace
Henry VIII, King of England and Anne Boleyn, Queen of England
Maternal - Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond and Elizabeth Howard
Paternal - King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York
Edward VI, King of England and Mary I, Queen of England
I am married to England.
I am the mother to my people.
Church of England
Notable relatives:
All of my family members were notable, both on my mother and father's sides. Living, I am related to the Howards, the Stuarts and distantly to the Valois. I have many living relatives, some of which accompany me on Our Progress. Mary Stuart, my first cousin and sister Queen, is however becoming quite the thorn in my backside.
In my early years, it depended on the political wind. Some days I was Princess Elizabeth, other days I was merely Lady Elizabeth. I am now Queen of England and Ireland, and Supreme Head of the Church in England, but I also reserve the titles of Queen of Scotland and France as well.
Current Positions:
Queen of England, wife to my country, and mother to my people.

Her Majesty Elizabeth I,
Queen of England, France, Scotland, and Wales,
Defender of the Faith, Lord Protector of Ireland, and Supreme Head of the Church of England

Notable Deeds: I am a Queen, but I have been tried, tested and favored by God low these past years. In 1560 I successfully negotiated the Treaty of Edinburgh (although Mary would not allow it, it still gave me a toehold with the Scottish Protestants), in 1562 I signed the Treaty of Hampton Court, which aided the French Huguenots, I have battled the dread pox and lived, I negotiated the Religious Settlement that has recreated the Church of England, and most recently I parlayed the Peace of Troyes, which while it renounces Our claim to Calais, it guarantees peace with France (for now). Right now, We are dealing with the vexing problem that is Ireland.
I am an able Prince, in that I can negotiate and haggle with the best of men. I know they think me a weak and feeble woman. I may not be a lion, but I am a lion's cub, and I have a lion's heart.
I most reside in Whitehall Palace, but typically We are on Progress throughout England (mostly in the South). Greenwich is my place of birth, Hampton Court is lovely, and Hatfield House holds a special place in my heart as it is Our childhood home.

Characterization Information
How do you come to be traveling with this group?
I am the Queen, and this is Our Royal Progress. We do Progress during the Spring and Summer months to escape the plague in London.
I am an avid horsewoman, keeping up with the best of the men in my Court. I enjoy some stitchery, but I love to write poetry and prose, and I play the Virginals and lute to cheer my heart when needed.
What is your favorite meal?
Any good meats will do - I am fond of most foods. I do however love sweetmeats and subtleties. Marzipan is lovely, as well as anything sugared.
Who is your best friend and why?
Several of my ladies I would call close friends, including Blanche Parry, and Catherine Carey, dear Lady Effingham. I hold Francis Howard dear, I do like me Bess Hardwick much. Lady Sussex has been a great friend since I was a princess. Lady Cobham is lovely too. I would also consider Robin Dudley a very close man to my heart...
Who do you like least and why?
I am not a very trusting Prince, given my upbringing and the intrigues that plagued me as a younger woman. Let's just say I have my eyes upon certain courtiers.
William Cecil, Baron Burghley is my closest ally and dearest counselor. I would also include Francis Knollys, Nicolas Bacon, the Earl of Sussex, and Kit Hatton as close allies as well.
Politically, this is information I will not share. However, I do have a pretender rival in court. My "sweet cousin" Lettice Knollys, Countess of Essex is quite flummoxing!
What is the worst thing ever to happen to you?
There are so many things... the death of Catherine Howard and her pleas to my father to forgive her ring in my ears, as well as the death of my beloved stepmother Katherine Parr, from whom I learned much and who treated me as her own.
What is the best thing ever to happen to you?
Some would think becoming Queen of England. I would say two things: surviving the intrigue of my sister Mary's reign, and surviving the Pox!
What are your ambitions?
I do not see myself as ambitious. I just want to be the best Prince I can be and offer myself wholly to my country and my people.

What makes you happy? Peace, sweetbreads, good dancing and music, and excellent company.
What makes you angry?
Insolence in anyone angers me greatly. Especially those that are supposed to listen and understand my needs!
What scares you?
Marriage, childbirth and the Succession issue do cause me great distress. Who should I marry? Some say France, some say Spain, others cannot abide a foreigner at all! If I marry an Englishman, I risk giving his house too much power.
My stepmothers Jane Seymour and Katherine Parr both died in childbirth, trying to get sons on their husbands. While I do long to hold a babe in my arms at times, I am not sure I wish the risk.
If I name a successor, then I place my throne, my country and myself in jeopardy. It is best to just keep silent on this issue.
What is your greatest virtue?
My sense of diplomacy is my greatest virtue. It has saved myself and my country great grief.
What is your biggest fault?
Like my father, I am quick to temper.
How is your health?
I am well and healthy now. I was restored when that the dread pox left me.
How do you feel about love?
Love has its place in a woman's heart. However, I am not just a woman. I am a Queen.
How do you feel about sex?
I am sure I will not suffer lustlessness given my family history, if that is what you ask.
What is your favorite book?
The Glasse of the Synnefull Soule holds a great place in my heart, as it was a book I translated for my stepmother Queen Katherine Parr. I also hold the Book of Common Prayer close as well.
How are your finances?
I was left with a bankrupt and almost destitute nation. We are no longer in those dire straits.
What is your deepest, darkest secret?
See my fears above.