Biographical Information
I was born on
September 12th, 1494 at Cognac, Charente.
My parents were
Charles d'Angoulême (born 1459, died January 1, 1496), 1st cousin of King Louis XII, and of Louise of Savoy (born September 11, 1476).
I have only one legitimate sibling
and that is Marguerite de Valois, duchesse d'Alençon. We are very close. My father also has three natural children of whom I am aware of. They are Jeanne comtesse de Bar-sur-Seine, Madeleine abbesse de Saint-Ausony d'Angoulême, and Souveraine, dame de Chilly.
I am married to
the most beautiful and learned Queen that France could ever ask for - Claude de Valois, duchesse de Bretagne.
I am
devotely Catholic. I carry the title Son of the Catholic Church in Rome, and have had the confidence of many bishops, cardinals and even Popes. In terms of family, all of the Valois line of Kings are descended from the noble King Hugh Capet (who was a descendent of Charlemagne), and the majestic King Saint Louis! I also think of my first cousin Louis XII from whom I inherit my crown, and our relationship to the House of Bourbon, the House of Hapsburg and even England's House of Tudor. I am also related to the noble House of Savoie on my maternal side. I have held many titles since my birth, those being comte d'Angoulême et comte de Beaumont et comte de Luxembourg et comte de Soissons et baron de Coucy. When it was clear than mon cousin Louis was without a male heir, I was created duc of Valois, then dauphin.

His Majesty François I,
le roi-chevalier de France, grand duc de Valois, duc de Bretagne; duc de Milan, comte d'Asti, seigneur de Gênes; comte de Provence, Forcalquier et les terres adjacentes; dauphin de Viennois, comte de Valentinois et de Diois

My current position is King of France, grande duc de Valois. The title grande duc is reserved for those that are princes. As I am currently head of the house of Valois, hence I am the prince of said house. I am also duc de Milan due to Our grand conquering of said Italian provence, and carry the titles of comte d'Asti, seigneur de Gênes; comte de Provence, Forcalquier et les terres adjacentes; dauphin de Viennois, comte de Valentinois et de Diois.
I was also a General of the King's Army at my own insistence, and was knighted on the battle field at Marignano by my dear friend Bayard (at my insistance).
The most notable things I have done have been winning the duchy of Milan, and reuniting that part of Italy to France. I have also worked diligently to bring the new learning here to France from Italy, collecting many wonderful manuscripts and books from all over the world. I have also opened the Royal Library to all who wish to use it, to further this shared learning.
My agents search all over Europe for the works of Titian, Raphael and Michelangelo, and I have successfully hired as court painters Janet Clouet, Andrea del Sarto and the great master Leonardo da Vinci, who brought with him the most curious painting Mona Lisa. Sadly, Maître da Vinci died in my arms.
I have begun massive reconstruction on the Louvre, the Château Royale de Fontainebleau, the Château d'Amboise, and the Château de St-Germain-en-Laye. I have also started the construction of the Château de Madrid, and of a true masterpiece, designed by Leonardo himself - the Château de Chambord.
My skills include my ability to speak and write several languages, my competence as a military general, and my skill with both horse and blade.
My homes include the Louvre, the Chateau Royale de Fontainebleau, the Château d'Amboise, the Château de Chambord, Château de St-Germain-en-Laye, and the Château de Madrid. I wait patiently whilst the construction takes place. I am hoping the Palace de Louve, when complete, will be the crown jewel of all France.

Characterization Information
I come to be traveling with the group because
this is Our Royal Progress.
My hobbies include
writing poetry and songs, dressing and romancing beautiful ladies with courtly love, and reading and studying the Classical works.
My favorite meal is
venison in a galantyne sauce. I also enjoy a good plate of fresh fruit and cheese.
My best friends at this time
would be the duc de Bourbon and the comte de Guise. Seigneur Bayard is also dear friend. I would trust them both with my life! I am also quite fond of Madame de Foix... Of course there is always my sister Marguerite and my mother Louise.
Who do I like least and why?
I cannot say... well, yes I can. Charles V. That vexed Hapsburg has dogged my steps ever since I took the throne!
I have many allies.
The Pope, my mother, my sister. The duc de Bourbon and comte de Guise, the baron de Montmorency, Seigneur Bayard, and the Admiral Bonnivet. I suppose my cousin Henry VIII of France can be considered an ally, but sometimes I wonder.
The worst thing to have ever happened to my was
loosing my father at such a young age. He could have been a great help to me, but I found solace with my mother and sister.
The best thing that has ever happened to me is...
well... God forgive me for saying it, but becoming King of course!
My ambitious are
to be a great and true ruler, to lead my country to greatness. I want France to be as great as the Holy Roman Empire, and I will do anything to see to it! The things that make me happy are my prayers, and beautiful women... for courtly love of course :::wink:::
The things that make me angry are
negative people and those who do not understand the new learning. I was schooled by Erasmus, the prince of Humanism!
The thing that scares me the most is
loosing the respect of my people and my family. And sad women. I cannot abide a sad woman!
My greatest virture is
my lack of ego.
My biggest fault is
my vanity. My health is well. I suffer nothing.
Depends on the love of which you speak. How do I feel about sex? Oh, it has it's uses :::wide grin:::

My current favourite book is "Book of the Courtier" by Castiglione. Did you know that I am in it?
My finances are well.
My country is rich and we suffer for nothing.
My deepest, darkest secret is
just that. A secret. And the very nature of a secret is that you do not know what it is.