Biographical Information
I was born on
September 19th, 1551, 40 minutes after midnight. My name at birth was Édouard-Alexandre.
My parents were
Henri de Valois (Henri II, roi de France) and Catherine de Medici
My siblings are as follows:
François II, King of France and Scotland (died 1558)
Louis de Valois, duc d'Orléans (died 1550)
Charles IX, King of France (died 1574)
François (Hercules) de Valois, duc de Anjou et de Bourbon
Elisabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain (died 1568)
Claude de Valois, duchesse de Lorraine
Marguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre
Victoire (died 1556)
Jeanne (died 1556)
I am presently married to Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont, daughter of the duc of Mercour;
I had intended to marry Marie de Clèves upon my return to France, but have found her to be dead and that information hid from me.
I am devotely Catholic. There is no other religion accepta
ble in the eyes of God, however in these troubled times one must make for allowances.

His Majesty Henri III
roi de la France et de Polande et grande duc du Valois et de la Lithuanie, comte de Provence, Forcalquier et les terres adjacentes; dauphin de Viennois, comte de Valentinois et de Diois

In terms of family, all of the Valois line of Kings are descended from the noble King Hugh Capet (a descendent of Charlemagne) and the majestic king, Saint Louis!
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland is my sister by marriage to my brother Francois.
We are directly related to the Houses of Stuart, de Medicis, Guise, Bourbon, and Lorraine.
Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England is also a cousin... I believe several times removed though, both on her maternal and paternal sides.
There is of course my sweet sister's husband Henri of Navarre, but he is an insignificant Huguenot!
I have held many titles since my birth, most recently was King of Poland and grand duc of Lithuania. I have abdicated the throne of Polande but still reserve the titles.
I was comte d'Angoulême at my birth in 1551, then I was granted the title duc d'Orléans in 1560. When it became clear that my brother Charles was to inherit the throne, I became duc d'Anjou et de Bourbon in 1566. I have and will always be a prince of France.
My current position is King of France and grand duc de Valois. The title grande duc is reserved for those that are princes. As I am currently head of the house of Valois, hence I am the prince of said house. I have also inherited the monarch's titles of comte de Provence, Forcalquier et les terres adjacentes; dauphin de Viennois, comte de Valentinois et de Diois.
I was also a General of the King's Army under my brother Charles IX, as well as a member of his council.
The most notable things I have done have been the creation of the Ordre du Saint-Esprit, an exclusive and elite group of chevaliers du royaume.
I was also involved (at Mother's insistence) in the Saint Bartholomew affair. Soucré bleu what a mess that was! When Charles said "Kill them all!" I do not think he meant it... Leave it to de Guise to take it that way though... I tried in vain to help some of the poor unfortunates that night, but I could not and left my charge as General. It was a riot and I was more concerned at saving my family. Some of those faces still haunt me though...
I also re-established the French parliamentary system (the Estates General). As king, I have sovereign rule of France, however my actions can be called upon by the Estates General.
I also established rules and guidelines for audience with King, i.e. handled a lot of judgments between nobles and nobles and lower classes personally and made seeing the King more difficult, restoring grace and propriety to the Royal Office. Something it was lacking for quite some time. I mean, before this any one of noble blood could just barge into my chamber and insist upon audience!
I am a strong supporter and benefactor of the French Catholic Church, and I can be known to don monk's robes and engage in self-flagellation as a rite of subservience. There are some in my court that find this observance distasteful... to them I say perhaps they should join me and mind their own immortal souls!
My skills include being a competent general/military officer, and a statesman.
My homes include the Château at Fontainebleau (at which I was born), the Palace at Lyon, the Louvre in Paris, the Château at Blois, and various other small châteaus and hotels scattered about the Loire Valley.

Characterization Information
I come to be traveling with the group because I am the King on my way to take my rightful duty and title, now that my brother Charles (God rest his soul) has passed. Those that travel with me are my closest friends and adversaries...
My hobbies include writing poetry and songs, spending time with friends enjoying revelry and mischief, shopping with for exotic animals, clothing and accoutrements. I love dance, and adore putting on ballets at the palace de Louvre. I have been told I have a tolerable singing voice.
My favorite meal is pheasant sous cloche et fromage e fruits.
My best friends at this time would be the marquis de Courtenvaux, who is a dear friend that has been with me since before my time in Poland.
Who do I like least and why? I cannot say... for that would open me for attack. Let's just say I keep mine enemies close.
It is an interesting thing in the French court, and in my family. Everyone who is your ally can also be your enemy. Mother, François, Margot... they have all stabbed me in the back at least once that I know of. I am still wiping the blood from the knife of Margot's last attack! The only true allies I have are Courtenvaux, who has been loyal since Poland, and Joyeux and Epernon, who are my best friends. I suppose I also consider the duc de Lorraine to be an ally, only because he despises ma mere so... and secretly I wish I had the gumption! The worse thing to have ever happened to my was
loosing my dear Marie de Clèves, whom I would have married if I had the chance. Ma mere wanted me to marry some Nordic princesse, from Denmark or Sweden - one of those barbarian countries of the north. I am content to marry a simple French girl... one who is chaste, perfect, and demure. Louise is perfect for this... she also looks remarkably like my sweet Marie... The best thing that has ever happened to me is... well... God forgive me for saying it, but becoming King of course!
My ambitious are
to be a great and true ruler, to lead my country to greatness and quell the religious unrest that plagues me day and night.

The things that make me happy are my prayers, Joyeux and Epernon, and the occasional excess :::smirk:::
The things that make me angry are people who are two-faced and negative :::looking toward Margot and François:::
The thing that scares me the most is loosing the respect of my mother and the Church.
My greatest virture is my tolerance toward all. Even the Hugenots, who will burn in Hell for their heretic ways, but I still tolerate them.
My biggest fault is my weak will. I will do anything to please ma mere.
My health is well. I suffer nothing.
Love is a charade of lust and friendship.
How do I feel about sex? Depends on the sex you speak of :::wink:::
My current favourite book is "The Prince" by Machiavelli. It was introduced to me by ma mere's astrologer, Cosimo Ruggieri.
My finances are not to be known about I cannot say for fear of uprising! Mon Dieu!!!
My deepest, darkest secret is my occasional excess. I will leave you with that.
In general, I am a very temperamental, sarcastic and anal-retentive. I want things done right the first time, which is why I do most things myself. I love my family dearly, despite their misgivings, including Ma mere, who only does what she feels necessary to insure the survival of her children. I might have issues with her methods, but they are for the most part effective, if not disturbing. I am also very reserved as a monarch; I realize things have been done informally in the past, but that must change! I am the King, and therefore I must command respect and awe.