I was born June 24, 1533 to John Dudley and Jane Guildford, the former Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. My father was unfortunately tried for an executed for treason for his role in placing the Lady Jane Grey on the throne, on August 23, 1553. My mother was shunned from court, having been turned away by the Queen during an attempt to plead for her husband's life, and died shortly thereafter in 1554.
Unfortunately, treason seems to be a problem
in our family, as my grandfather Edmund Dudley, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer, was executed for treason in 1510 by King Henry VII. I know little about my grandmother, Elizabeth Grey, the 6th Baroness Lisle, except that she like my mother retired from court life after her husband's death. My mother's parents were Sir Richard Guildford, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, and Eleanor West, daughter of Baron West of Oakhanger.
In total my parents had 12 children
- Sir Henry (died in 1544), Thomas (died in 1528), John, 2nd Earl of Warwick (died soon after our release from the Tower in 1554), Ambrose, now the 3rd Earl, Henry (died fighting for King Phillip in 1557), Guildford (who was executed with his wife the Lady Jane Grey in 1554), Jane (died in 1555), Mary, who is now Lady Sidney, Catherine, who is now the Countess of Huntingdon, Charles (died in 1542), and Temperance (died in 1552). Only three of my siblings survive today in this Her Majesty's reign - they being myself, my elder brother Ambrose, and my sweet sisters Mary and Cat.
I am currently a widower.
I was married to Amy Robsart, the daughter of Sir John Robsart and Elizabeth Scott. Our wedding was a grand affair - attended by King Edward himself and the then Lady Elizabeth and held in his royal palace of Sheen at Richmond. We had no children, and we both are devoted to the Church of England. Lately however, with my new position at court, things in my marriage were been strained. My wife succumbed to a cancer of the breast, but unfortunately in her death she implicated foul play as she was found at the bottom of the stairs of our home, with her neck broken. She had dismissed all of the servants. I believe me that this will place a permanent black cloud on my desire to marry the Queen.

Sir Robert Dudley, KG
1st Earl of Leicester, Baron Denbeigh, Knight Garter
& Master of the Queen's Horse

The Dudleys are an old family, going back several generations into the last century. We are related by blood to the Greys, and have been in service to many a king. When I was released from the tower with my siblings in 1555, I joined the entourage of King Phillip, and subsequently was able to convince the King to restore some of my lands in exchange for my raising an army to take to Calais. For these services, the King and Queen had Parliament restore myself and my siblings in blood on March 7, 1558.
At her ascension, I was made Master of the Queen's horse, a prestigious position that requires much personal attendance on the Queen, as well as organizing her public appearances, progresses, and her personal entertainment. This position suites me perfectly. Not only have I been told I am a skilled horseman, but I am a great athlete, and I have a flair for the spectacular, and share the Queen's love of drama and music. I have also been made a Knight Garter, and I have been given the Earldom of Leicester and the Barony of Denbeigh. Her Majesty does call me her "eyes".
Since I am the Queen's Master of Horse,
I am integral to her Progress. I also sit upon her Privy Council, and have asked her to marry me oh so many times...
I am a gentleman, and I course enjoy sport. Hunting, Falconry, Horse riding, Tennys... the list can go on. I also enjoy court dance and good feasts. My favourite foods are beef in goode brothe, a good claret, and some sweetmeats and fowl.
My best friend
of course is Her Majesty Elizabeth. We have been friends since our childhood, when she beamed me upside the head with a Bible for being impertinent! I am sure I have enemies in court, but they are of no consequence to me as long as I hold Her Majesty's good favour.
The worst thing to have happened
to me was of course being locked up for treason in the Tower. I was after all, only following the orders of my father, and I was young and indebted to him. I look now at the future, and having been restored to my full titles and then some, I look forward to the day that I can call Elizabeth my wife. At the very least, I would hope that she give me leave to marry again... although I think that this will break my heart, I do need an heir.

I am a relatively jovial man. Not much is needed to make me happy. However, like good Bess, I am quick to temper if I feel attacked. I just wish my fellow counselors on the Privy would learn this! The thing I fear the most is loosing everything I have gained, and having to start over again.
My greatest virtue
is my ability to coax people to my side of an argument. I am especially effective with Bess on this.
However, my greatest fault
is that I am prideful, and will preen when I have accomplished much.
I am a healthy, robust man.
I suffer nothing. I am of the mind that a woman's pleasures are meant to be enjoyed regularly, as this keeps a man strong and vital. Look at good King Henry as an example! However, I believe love is something reserved for God, one's parents, one's Queen, and one's country.
My finances have been well since I am restored.
Her majesty honors me with monopolies that make my fortune. I am also well favored as Master of the Horse. With all that I do in court, this makes little time for reading!
My deepest, darkest secret
is that I am despondent that my charms are not working in coaxing Elizabeth to my side, so I have taken to several ladies in court to sate my lust. I even have a by-blow in court that carries my name. Keeping his mother quiet is a trial... If only the Countess of Essex was not married... she would make a lovely wife to a man of my station.