Biographical Information
Date of Birth
: March 27, 1553
: Nicolas, duc de Mercoeur and marquis de Nomédy and Marguerite d'Egmont
: Marguerite born in 1550.
Catherine born in 1551.
Henri born in 1552
Philippe born in 1558
Charles born in 1561
Jean born in 1563
Marguerite born in 1564
Claude born in 1566
François born in 1567
Henri I born 1570
Christine born 1571
Antoine born in 1572
: Henri de Valois, roi de France
: devotedly Catholic... I am after all the daughter of a former Bishop.
Notable relatives
: Henri de Valois, roi de France, my father the duc de Mercouer, the Houses of Lorraine and Guise, and my husband's family.

Madame Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont
reine de la France, duchesse d'Orléans, comtesse de Provence, Forcalquier et les terres adjacentes; dauphine de Viennois, comtesse de Valentinois et de Diois

Current Positions: none other than Queen of France
Positions held during tenure at court
: The only position I have ever held, other than the daughter of a duc, has been Queen.
Notable Deeds
: I am the youngest child from my father's first marriage, so I would think that becoming queen of France is pretty notable, non?
: I would have to say that putting up with my husband's flirtatious attitude towards other persons is something I consider a skill. I know when to keep my mouth shut and when to make sure that it is open.
: The Palace at Fontainebleau
The Palace at Lyon
The Louvre (Paris)
my father's chateau in Mercoeur
various other small chateaus scattered about the Loire Valley.

Characterization Information
How do you come to be traveling with this group?
: I am here because I am the king's wife, and the Queen of France now. I go where my husband does go.
: I love to go in search of little white doggies :::giggle::: I like any small animal, but little white dogs are my favorite by far. I enjoy standing by my husband and watching him do what he does best, rule this wonderful country, called France. I enjoy learning new dances, needlework, shopping with my ladies, interacting with my courtiers and I have been told I have a lovely singing voice.
What is your favorite meal
: Roasted turkey-bird, which I had at our wedding banquet. Henri had it imported special from England!
Who is your best friend and why?
: My husband of course. I also enjoy the company of his sister Margot and her lady, Henriette, the duchesse de Clèves. I admire Margot's spirit, and Henriette's delightful humor.
Who do you like least and why?
: Not to say that I dislike her, but I do not always enjoy the company of my husband's mother. She frightens me...
: My father the Bishop of Verdun, and my own sisters when they are in attendance.
: I do not have any adversaries, and enjoy keeping company with most of those in court. Not to say that I trust everyone... because I certainly do not. I know my position is precarious, so I keep my nose clean as it were...
What is the worst thing ever to happen to you?
: I am not particularly happy that my father's third wife is my age.
What is the best thing ever to happen to you?
: My marriage of course!
What are your ambitions?
: To be the best wife and a most noble queen of France. An heir would be most advantageous!
What makes you happy?
: Little white doggies... I love them! Jewels aren't bad either... Henri buys me plenty!
What makes you angry?
: Henri's flirtatious manner toward everyone that catches his eye... sacre bleu!
What scares you?
: Queen Catherine when she is angry.
What is your greatest virtue?
: My patience.
What is your biggest fault?
: My patience and my internal jealousy.

How is your health? : God has been gracious in allowing me no ills, save for the fact that everyone is convinced I am barren.
How do you feel about love?
: It happens.
How do you feel about sex?
: It happens.
What is your favorite book?
I enjoy prose and poetry. Of course the Bible as my father was a Bishop.
How are your finances?
: I am the queen. I worry naught about such things.
What is your deepest, darkest secret?
:I fear that I will never bear an heir to the throne, and I am extremely jealous of Margot's freedom, and I secretly encourage my husband's relationship with Joyeuse.