Biographical Information
Date of Birth
: May 15, 1553
: Henri de Valois (Henri II, roi de France) and Catherine de Medicis
:François II, King of France and Scotland (died 1558)
Louis de Valois, duc d'Orléans (died 1550)
Charles IX, roi de France (died 1574)
Henri III, roi de France
François (Hercules) de Valois, duc of Alencon (Anjou)
Elisabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain (died 1568)
Claude de Valois, duchesse de Lorraine (died 1575)
Victoire (died 1556)
Jeanne (died 1556)
: Henri de Bourbon, King of Navarre
: Catholic
Notable relatives
: All of the Valois line of Kings are descended from the noble King Hugh Capet, who himself was a descendent of Charlemagne, and majestic King Saint Louis!
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland by marriage to my brother François.
Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England. I am told that I resemble her in some aspects.
Past Titles
: Princesse de France
comtesse d'Angoulême

Madame Maguerite (Margot) de Valois,
reine de Navarre et duchesse de Vendôme, princesse de France et duchesse de Senlis et d'Etampes et comtesse de Marle et d'Agen et de Rouergue et vicomtesse de Carlat

Current Positions: Reine de Navarre et Duchesse de Vendôme, et Duchesse de Senlis et d'Etampes et Comtesse de Marle et d'Agen et de Rouergue et Vicomtesse de Carlat
Positions held during tenure at court
: I serve at his Majesty's pleasure as an envoy on occassion.
Counselor to my husband, Henri de Bourbon
Notable Deeds
: My marriage was said to have caused St. Bartholomew's Day. Although I know that this was ma mere doing :::sigh::: She tries to place blame on Henri de Guise, but I am still in love with him and believe him when he says that she can be Lucifier incarnate!
: Accomplished lute player, dancer, singer, writer, poet, and ambassador/diplomat.
: The Palace at Fontainebleau, the Palace at Lyon, the Louvre (Paris), and various other small chateaus scattered about the countryside. I would love to be allowed to travel to my estate at Carlat, but I am exiled here.

Characterization Information
How do you come to be traveling with this group?
: I am no longer welcome at my husband's court at Pau. I might have insinuated (loudly) that he was a "small man," in the city square...
: Court intrigues, flirting with as many men as possible, trying to get into the good graces of ma mere. I also enjoy writing stories and poems, and I enjoy music immensly.
What is your favorite meal
: pheasant sous cloche et fromage e fruits served with a nice wine.
Who is your best friend and why?
: François, because we are the youngest of the children and understand one another, and Henriette because she has been a loyal friend.
Who do you like least and why?
: I cannot say... well yes I can. Charlotte de Sauve. The baine of my existence at Court (such a tattle tale). Her husband is dead merely a year, and she is already started on another! Merde!
: François, Henriette, and many others whom I will not name. I do just as well as ma mere in the "special friends" department.
: Everyone else...
What is the worst thing ever to happen to you?
: St. Bartholomew's Day. And marrying a Protestant.
What is the best thing ever to happen to you?
: Has anything good happened to me yet?
What are your ambitions?
: To control France in my own way...
What makes you happy?
: When I am in good favor with ma mere, or mon frere le Roi.
What makes you angry?
: When ma mere honors mon frere Henri over myself... just as she always has.
What scares you?
: Ma mere's anger.
What is your greatest virtue?
: My intelligence and wit.
What is your biggest fault?
: My passion. And my overwhelming desired to please ma mere...
How is your health?
: It is well.
How do you feel about love?
: What can anyone say of love. Does it even exist?
How do you feel about sex?
: Ahhhh... well... it is enjoyable...
What is your favorite book?
: The closest to my heart would be the Bible. I also enjoy reading the "Heptameron" of my namesake, who was also Queen of Navarre.
How are your finances?
: Quite well.
What is your deepest, darkest secret?
: If I told you I might very well end up in the Bastille. It is that bad!